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These large (9 cm) snowflake building blocks provide enrichment and climbing opportunities for your sugar gliders. Made from safe, interlocking plastic, they can be easily arranged to create fun climbing structures within your glider’s base. The snowflake design offers interesting textures for tiny paws to explore, and the bright colors can add visual stimulation to their environment. Since they’re larger than typical building blocks, they are easy for sugar gliders to grip and manipulate. Combine these snowflakes with other climbing toys and platforms to create a fun and engaging habitat for your sugar gliders.

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These giant snowflake building blocks are a perfect fit for adding enrichment and climbing opportunities to your sugar glider’s base, but with a twist! Here’s why:

  • Sugar Glider Friendly Size: At 9 cm (a little over 3.5 inches), these surpass typical building blocks, making them easy for tiny sugar gliders to grasp and manipulate with their paws.

  • Safe for Chewing: Assuming they’re constructed from sugar glider-safe, chewable plastic (like acrylic), these snowflakes provide a fun chewing outlet to keep their little teeth healthy.

  • Climbing Fun: The snowflake design creates interesting crevices and angles, transforming the base into a mini climbing gym for your gliders to explore.

  • Visual Stimulation: Bright colors and the snowflake design add visual interest to the cage environment, keeping your sugar gliders mentally stimulated.

Pro Tip: Combine these snowflake blocks with other climbing toys and platforms to create a truly elaborate habitat that encourages exercise and exploration for your sugar gliders!

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