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6″ Three Prong Flying Disc


Get Crafty! DIY Sugar Glider Toys

6″ Three Prong Flying Disc can be a great starting point for creating stimulating DIY toys for your little gliders. Here’s why they can be a good base:

Sugar gliders are curious and intelligent creatures who thrive on mental and physical stimulation. DIY pulley toys offer a fun and engaging way to enrich their environment. Here’s a quick overview:

The Fun Factor:

  • Playful Exploration: Sugar gliders love to pull, tug, and climb. Pulley toys provide an engaging challenge, encouraging them to use their natural problem-solving skills to reach hidden treats or toys.
  • Foraging Frenzy: Incorporate treat cups or foraging pouches into the pulley system. Watching them pull and manipulate the system to reach a tasty reward is both entertaining and enriching.
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