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62.5″ Rolling Mid-Size Bird Cage


64″ H Rolling Metal Bird Cage

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The Prevue Pet Portable Metal Travel Cage is designed for short trips, emergencies, or vet visits for sugar gliders. Here’s a quick rundown:

  • Material: Sturdy, lightweight powder-coated steel construction makes it durable for travel.
  • Size: Ideal for sugar gliders. At 18 ¾” long, 14 7/8″ wide, and 18″ high (with a play top perch adding another 7 inches), it offers enough space for short trips for sugar gliders.
  • Safety Features:
    • Lockable wind-bell grille tray prevents spills and ensures food and water stay put during travel.
    • Solid cup doors with lock-in-place cups prevent spills and avoid being dislodged by your sugar glider.
    • Welded bracket seat belt collars allow for secure fastening in your vehicle.
  • Comfort and Enrichment:
    • Includes a removable perch inside and a wooden play top perch that doubles as a carrying handle.
    • Easy to clean with a removable tray.

Overall, the Prevue Pet Portable Metal Travel Cage is a convenient and secure option for transporting your small sugar glider.

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