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3 Pack Sugar Glider Jumping Platforms


Brighten Up playtime with the Umbrella Fun Jumper!

Give your sugar gliders a taste of the tropics with the brightly colored Umbrella Fun Jumper! This unique platform adds a fun and functional element to your glider’s cage:

  • Gliding Fun: The wide, umbrella-shaped platform provides a perfect launching pad for your sugar gliders to jump, glide, and explore their cage.

  • Vibrant Colors: Sugar gliders are drawn to bright colors, and the Umbrella Fun Jumper comes in a variety of eye-catching hues to keep them visually stimulated.

  • Easy Climbing: The textured underside of the platform offers excellent gripping for tiny paws, making it easy for your gliders to climb and maneuver.

Safe for Sugar Gliders:

  • Material Matters: Ensure the platform is made from sugar glider-safe materials like wood or acrylic. Avoid plastic or other potentially harmful materials.

  • Size it Right: Choose a platform large enough for your gliders to comfortably climb and jump on, but not so big it takes up too much cage space.

Enrichment is Key:

  • Combine it Up: Pair the Umbrella Fun Jumper with other climbing toys and platforms to create a multi-level playground for your sugar gliders.

  • Hide & Seek Treats: Scatter treats or hide them under the platform to encourage natural foraging instincts and keep your gliders mentally stimulated.

Bring a touch of the tropics and a burst of fun to your sugar gliders’ world with the Umbrella Fun Jumper!

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