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Spice Up Your DIY Sugar Glider Toys with Bigger Elements!

Sugar gliders love to explore and climb, so why not add some excitement to their DIY toys with larger features? Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Climbing Challenges: Incorporate larger branches or untreated wooden dowels (at least 1 inch thick) into your toys. This creates a more challenging climbing experience, encouraging exercise and mimicking their natural environment.

  • Spacious Hideouts: Instead of small pouches, consider crafting larger hiding spots using fleece or other sugar glider-safe fabric. This provides a sense of security and a cozy place to nap or stash treats.

  • Giant Foraging Fun: Upsize your foraging toys! Use larger containers with multiple compartments or create mazes with cardboard boxes to hide treats and encourage natural foraging instincts. Just ensure there are no sharp edges or small spaces your glider could get stuck in.

  • Swinging Delights: Think beyond the typical bells and chew toys. Hang larger, gliders-safe discs or slices of wood for swinging and climbing. You can even create a hanging bridge with sisal rope or fleece for added exploration.

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